More than Eco Fins, Zero Waste Fins

Make a difference while Surfing!

“Be the change you want to see in the world”, Ghandi once said.

If Ghandi had known surfing, he surely would have agreed, that starting with the ocean is definitely a good place to start to make a crucial change in the world and its species.
Every surfer in Australia who has smelt the oil-based materials while getting their board ready to catch a wave knows what we are talking about. Surfing finally joined the Olympics in 2021 by the way (Yay!). Not to mention, always having in mind your board and accessories eventually ending up in landfill and being harmful to the rest of the world. So if you found this surfing blog about our ecological and our zero waste fins you know what we are talking about - and you are on the right way to making a change already!
Thus, welcome to Zero Fins, the world's first performance surfing fins that don't break the planet – 100% bio-based and high-performance.

Be the change in the world and start your ecological footprint

We focused on surfboard fins, not surfboards, and believe that every single person can have a positive influence and make a change on the overall system with even the smallest act. You just start by taking one step at a time! We at Zero Fins know that. With passion and a vision to make the world a better place, the Zero Fins project is aiming to support people in contributing to our environment while performing their favourite water sport - without harm, but stoke. A sustainable footprint with just one small step - 100% sustainable performance surfboard fins made in Australia.

So zerofins means Zero Waste in Surfing?

Completely right! So why traditional fins when there is an environmentally conscious way? The results are high-performing surfboard fins that provide an amazing surfing experience for surfing addicts. Starting with one of the top surfing destinations in the world, Australia, we are aiming to give people worldwide a choice between traditionally produced fins and 100% sustainable fins from Zero Fins.

100% sustainable surfing fins made in Australia: help us evolve!
As much as Zero Fins cares about the environment, we also care about the people. We work closely with our target market and will continue to try to find a perfect match of 100% ecological requirements for our customers. 

The surfboard fins will be made in Queensland from 100% renewable and bio-based cutting-edge bio-composite materials.
Taking one step at a time, but with full power towards making a change and helping a sustainable world. Zero Fins project’s vision is based on circular economic principles, in order to provide a surfing experience with a guilt-free conscious, and without the disadvantages of traditionally manufactured fins - simply “better surf, better world”.