• Performance surfboard fins that don’t break the planet!

The Zerofin Difference

Our new fin range performs for surfers and the planet. Constructed from the most sustainable materials on earth and combined with cutting-edge technology (we had to invent a new manufacturing process!). The zeroFin features the highest standard of quality and performance, made in Queensland, Australia. 

Zero Fins - Performance surfboard fins that don't break the planet

why we exist

As surfers, we interact with nature every day and strive to give back to the ocean that gives us so much. These fins exist to eliminate waste in the surf industry, keeping toxic compounds out of nature.

Over time we hope to inspire all involved in the surfing industry. We want to spread the knowledge that using natural materials is possible, without compromising on quality and performance.

The Impact We Have

Reflecting on the impact of surfboard fins on the surfing industry, using our material combination and factoring in carbon sequestration, we reduce the CO2 equivalent by 95%.